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job posting tip no rockstarsAs the first thing job candidates see, the job title is the most  important component of your Job Posting. The job title helps  determine – more than anything else – whether or not a candidate will click through to view your Job Posting.

Use the  following 3 job posting tips to create a job title that inspires action:

1. Stop advertising for “Rock Stars”. Unless you’re hiring someone for your Bon Jovi cover band, do not advertise that you’re looking for a “rock star” for your next hire. The same applies for “rainmaker” or “visionary”. Not only are these terms meaningless, but they also lessen the chances your posting will show up in organic search results, because job candidates simply aren’t searching for these obscure terms.

2. Use conventional job titles. Unconventional job titles confuse people. If wacky job titles are the norm at your company, highlight this fact within the body of the posting, not in the job title. Consider the search terms candidates enter when looking for jobs online and create your job titles from there.

3. Use specific but familiar job titles. If the candidates you want to target would search for a job by spelling out a title or using an abbreviation, you should use both. For example, if you are searching for someone who does computer-aided design, include the acronym CAD in the title, as well, which will ensure the posting comes up in more searches. Focus on the job responsibilities. Job titles that focus on the main responsibilities of the job will bring in the most relevant candidates.

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