Talent Advisor bloggers contributors

When I first created and launched CareerBuilder’s employer blog, The Hiring Site, in 2008, I envisioned it becoming a place for CareerBuilder to connect with anyone who cares about attracting, hiring and retaining the right people and exploring talent at the intersection of software, data and technology in today’s fast-moving recruitment landscape. I built a team of writers to discuss the latest hiring and workplace news, trends and insights, leaving our readers with smart, intelligent and witty food for thought to apply to their own organizations.

Over the next six years, the content on the site evolved as the recruitment industry changed and job seeker behavior became increasingly complex. Posts became even more media rich and socially intertwined. The content was top notch, rooted in proven recruitment strategies and in-depth research. Forbes even named it one of the most influential career sites for 2014.

But there was something missing.

In my mission to turn The Hiring Site into a leading destination for HR professionals, I left out one very important element: the HR leader. Fast forward to 2014 and The Hiring Site now also houses the Talent Advisor Portal. The portal is an online hub of exclusive content designed to empower CareerBuilder clients with the insight necessary to go from HR professional to Talent Advisor. What makes this content different from the editorial pieces the team wrote about for years is that the majority of Talent Advisor content is penned by five of today’s leading HR bloggers.

The Talent Advisor team consists of:

  • Jennifer McClure:  a business leader and entrepreneur. Jennifer helps talent advisors link HR-related activities with a broader, executive agenda; build a case for the evolution of HR and talent acquisition; and communicate more effectively with leaders, managers and employees.
  • Laurie Ruettimann:  a former HR leader turned influential speaker, writer and strategist. She helps human resources professionals reclaim their work and redeem their reputations as strategic thinkers and leaders. Ruettimann examines the issues most important to talent advisors and highlights practitioners who break stereotypes and exemplify a new style of HR.
  • Matthew Stollak, Ph.D.: an associate professor and advisor to students and professionals who are interested in elevating their skills and advancing the very definition of human resources. Dr. Stollak helps talent advisors at every level of their career build the appropriate skills for the 21st century workforce.
  • Steve Browne:  a seasoned HR leader with a passion for developing talent. He believes in elevating the role of the human resources professional who works in the trenches. Steve celebrates our HR heroes, covering stories to inspire the next generation of talent advisors.
  • Tim Sackett: a human resources leader and the president of an IT and engineering staffing firm. With 20 years of industry experience, Tim specializes in helping talent advisors manage complex employment issues while winning the hearts and minds of executives and employees alike.

Next steps:

Building the Talent Advisor Portal and working with an A-list team of industry bloggers has been a defining moment of my career. This work has purpose. It is important.

The Talent Advisor Portal is still a baby, but one that is growing very quickly. Within the first month of launch, The Hiring Site is on pace to surpass all prior monthly traffic records. By a lot. Readers are subscribing to posts at a faster pace than any other opt-in program CareerBuilder has ever launched, with open rates in the high 40% range with a 30% CTR. These are promising stats. But hopefully the story only continues to build.

What I really hope to see is this content helps evolve the role of HR, inspiring people to take a proactive, strategic role in their organization’s talent management needs. I want people to understand the crucial role software, data and technology play in finding the right people at the right time. I want CareerBuilder’s customers to be seen as strategic business partners in their companies, aligning talent acquisition and workforce planning strategies with business goals. But ultimately, because I am more marketer and brand strategist than journalist, I want CareerBuilder to be seen as the partner no HR person could live without.

It’s good to dream big.