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Project Background: Due to changes in the economic landscape, CareerBuilder’s consumer brand position – created in 2007 – was no longer relevant and it became apparent that the brand needed to be repositioned to reconnect with today’s job seeker.

  • The Brand Then: “A Better Job Awaits” and “Start Building” were appropriate for the time in which they existed — when jobs were plentiful, when unemployment was low, and when the job board was the newest, easiest method to find a job. Accordingly, they both succeeded in helping CareerBuilder become the dominant job board in the United States.
  • The Brand Now: But times have changed. People don’t need a wake-up call, nor do they need a career intervention. The economy has taken care of that. And though we were starting to see more signs of recovery, CareerBuilder faced a new reality. The job market, the workforce, and competitive landscape have changed.

After conducting stakeholder interviews, online surveys, man-on-the street interviews and desk research, the consumer brand team realized the following truths:

  • CareerBuilder’s technology and expertise make the job search easier. It provides tools and develops technologies that bring them closer to the right job.
  • CareerBuilder believes that people can power their own lives with the right work. CareerBuilder doesn’t promise the mythical dream job that unlocks a dream life, but it does promise to help find the right work for right now.

New Positioning Statement: CareerBuilder helps you find the work that powers the life you want today.

Brand Manifesto: We all work for different reasons. Work may simply help you put food on the table. It may be that logical next step in your long-term career. Or it may be your life’s passion. No matter the reason, CareerBuilder is committed to providing you unmatched tools and technology that help you find the right work that powers the life you want today.

Engagement Strategy: 

  • Pre-empt the job search with a new message in a human and motivating way.
  • Reframe the job search in a manner that spurs searching with refreshed purpose and confidence.

Re-introducing the Brand with through the Better Life Campaign: Out of CareerBuidler’s new position, the ‘Better Life” campaign was developed. First introduced in a series of print and digital ads (print creative shown below), the new campaign aimed to motivate all job seekers to look for work that powers their lives through simple, daily interactions with CareerBuilder, coining the phrase, “Take Five Minutes a Day to Build a Better Life.”

Audience: Job seekers and career minded individuals

Distribution Channels: Partner networks and print publications

Project Role: Brand leader, campaign strategy, creative direction

Credits: Graphic design: Susan Moye, Copy: Mary Lorenz