Project Overview: In 2008, CareerBuilder made its fourth consecutive appearance as an advertiser in the Big Game. Based upon the performance of previous years, we knew traffic to would spike the day after the game and sustain this spike for at least a week. For employers looking to attract candidates to their open positions, there was no better time to post a job on CareerBuilder. Starting in December 2007, CareerBuilder’s sales organization and marketing team made it their core focus to use the Big Game traffic lift as a reason to get employers to post jobs, targeting current customers and prospects.

Targeting New Customers: To attract new customers – or prior customers who had lapsed for more than 18 months – we launched a direct mail campaign, paired with a 15 percent mail-in rebate. Although the mail piece drove buyers to call a sales rep, we still wanted to track engagement with the mailer at some level, so we built a basic online game – The Blue and Orange Bowl. The game gave us another opportunity to repeat the offer and enable players to further interact with the CareerBuilder brand. Even though the game was rudimentary for 2008 standards, football-minded individuals did use the forward to a friend feature, that served as a referral, increasing the reach of the campaign.

Targeting Current Customers: CareerBuilder’s 1,000+ sales force has always been one of the company’s strongest awareness channels. To get sales reps excited about spreading the message to their active customer base, we created a basic postcard resp could customize through the company’s print store and mail through their individual cost centers. All active customers were also sent emails with the same message.

Role: Creative direction and concept development