Instagram Photo clallenge
Project Overview: At CareerBuilder, we believe both businesses and individuals have the power to contribute to a stronger economy, close the skills gap and decrease the unemployment rate. To promote CareerBuilder’s mission to empower employment, CareerBuilder’s launched its first user-generated photo challenge at SHRM 2013. For every photo shared on Instagram or Twitter using the #SHRM13 and #EmpoweringEmployment hashtags, CareerBuilder donated $5 toward i.c.stars, a Chicago organization that provides business training for low-income adults.

Participants not only had the chance to give back, but also win prizes for the best daily photo submissions.

The photo challenge was promoted to both the general conference audience and in separate communications during CareerBuilder’s Revel in the White City client appreciation event and was a catalyst for launching CareerBuilder’s B2B-focused Instagram account.

Client: CareerBuilder

Audience: SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) attendees – estimated at 13,000.

Distribution Channels: Corporate blogs (employer), email, social media, direct mail, booth and party communications.

CareerBuilder’s Results:

  • The #EmpoweringEmployment and #SHRM13 hashtags were used 588 times during the conference, enabling CareerBuilder to donate almost $3000 to help close the skills gap.
  • The #EmpoweringEmployment hashtag was the tenth most used hashtag at SHRM – coming in behind #Chicago (at no. nine) – enabling CareerBuilder’s branding to stay front of mind throughout the entire conference.

Project Role: Concept development, content strategy, creative direction, distribution strategy, social strategy.

Credits: Graphic design: Susan Moye

Revel in the White City Photo Challenge