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Project Overview:
Dissatisfied with higher than average unemployment rate for military service members, the goal of this project was to reach both clients and prospects, educating employers and creating awareness around the benefits of hiring U.S. veterans. Starting with content strategy, this project unified key business units (content strategy, field marketing, creative services, editorial content, sales, sales training, PR and events) around a common goal, in one of CareerBuilder’s most collaborative projects of 2012.

The timing of this project around Veterans Day enabled CareerBuilder to offer relevant content to employers when the idea of helping our nation’s veterans was top of mind, answering some of the most prevalent questions, including:

Client: CareerBuilder and Value of a Veteran

Audience: Employers and staffing firms

MissionCriticalColaborationDistribution Channels: Corporate blogs (employer), guide, email newsletter, social media, webinar, sales

Project Results:

  • Collected 600 new B2B business leads from report downloads
  • Drove 2000+ webinar registrations – equally split between new business and current clients – with a 76% attendance rate
  • Created an effective colaboration model, built around content strategy, to support challenger selling

Project Role: Concept development, content strategy, creative direction, editorial execution, distribution strategy, partnership agreement

veteran infographic